UPC Costs and Production Stream? – Amazon sellers’ resources

Hey all regular Amazon sellers, I'm working on a grad school project for a small company who is exploring additional revenue selling on Amazon and had a couple questions. I'm very green at this so I don't have a good idea of what all goes into it. Any input you'd have would be appreciated!

  • Is there a good estimate on cost for individual UPC codes for each item, the items I'm working on are crafts specifically. Also, how would you go about putting the stickers on your product? We don't intend to really have any wrapping or packing around these items. We'd maybe have like 400-500 items to start.

  • We aren't sure on the demand we'll have yet. Does Amazon give you a specific time for how long out have to get items manufactured and shipped over (I.e. We need ________item within 60 or 120 days)?


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Addition of a new functionality: Sales Track – Amazon sellers’ resources

About Sales Track:

We have created a new functionality that boosts your sales! By filling the field "Merchant ID" and clicking on "Start" (also including sub-categories) you receive complete information about your sales. The latter involves "Price", "AVG", "Quantity", "Revenue". We think this functionality will promote your sales immensely. Wait for our next functionality! 🙂


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Manage Inventory sort issue – Amazon sellers’ resources

I'd like to have my inventory dashboard sort alphabetically by Product Name, and have saved my settings for that option, but it never works.

When I first open the page, the listings will be alphabetically for the first 20 or so items, and then it starts the alphabet all over again.

If I click on the Product Name heading, it will resort, but then it's even more strange – it just shows them in any random order. Click the link again, and it goes Z-A, but again, only part way through the list. Click the link a third time, and it goes back to the way it shows when I first load the page.

Does anyone else have this issue?

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Selling Food Service Items – Amazon sellers’ resources

Hi Amazon Sellers.

Need your help with something. I'm planning on selling food service items that arent usually available to consumers. Theyre more available to business owners than the regular people. Will there be a problem selling them to the general public through Amazon?

Example are the huge Nutella containers you can only see in bake shops or the crushed oreo packets that are both clearly marked "Food Service Item"

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