Seller Account Hacked – Amazon sellers’ resources


someone got a hold of my account information and changed the login information, bank info and credit card info (I still receive all the emails, except password reset, which goes to the login email). I know the email address it was changed to since I received an email of the change.

However this means that I can't log in nor can I reset my password.

Amazon Seller Support has been THE MOST INCOMPETENT seller support I have ever had the need to talk with.

I have now sent tens of letters, made hours worth of phone calls and the result is the template answer to reset your password. And if I explain it to them that the login info has been changed they are so helpful that they send the reset link … to the hacked account email. Even though I have created a case and specifically said not to send it there. They have confirmed on the phone that the account belongs to me (I have sent proof – a lot of it) but solution is always to reset password like the information I have provided has gone in from one ear and out the other.

I have thousands of dollars worth of sales reimbursement deadline coming and the support refuses to provide competent help.

Does anybody have any suggestions or information that could be helpful in this case? Do you know a number of a supervisor, higher rep. since on the phone they say they can't do anything and it will go to internal team – who send the password reset link…to the hacker email, and I receive the email that they have sent the link to him.

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