Question to all you sellers out there – Amazon sellers’ resources

I've been noticing recently some of my big movers last year haven't been selling as much this year. I weekly go through and check to make sure i have the lowest price on my listings and it always shows the "Lowest Price" checkmark. The problem is, the past couple weeks i've actually gone to the listings on not through seller central and have seen other sellers have latched onto my listing, which is fine we all buy from the same suppliers, i get it, HOWEVER they are just matching my price and every sale is going to them and their stores. it is almost like it buries the option to buy from my store completely. I have never noticed this because i always have TIED for the lowest price. I plan on calling amazon tomorrow and seeing what they say but i was wondering if anyone had this problem in the past.

thanks for any and all help šŸ™‚

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