Canadian buyer opens A-to-Z claim only after a week of waiting for a package. Tracking already shows it just cleared customs. – Amazon sellers’ resources

The buyer purchased from me on March 27th. The package was shipped promptly on March 28th. Buyer sends me a nasty message last night saying that he wants a partial refund for the shipping costs because he paid for expedited shipping and he hasn't gotten the package yet. I sent him a message back saying that tracking shows that it is in Canada and that he will be receiving the package very soon and that I will not offer a refund. He messages back and opens up an A-to-Z claim. One other thing, he paid for expedited shipping which was only $12.98 CAD when it cost me MORE than that to ship ($15.50 USD)

I type in the claim all the details and saying that it's only been 7 freaking days. They side with the buyer and give him a 100% refund for the whole order and say that if the package gets delivered to have the buyer contact Amazon about this. This is getting (excuse my language) fucking ridiculous. Buyers have too much power in general and especially on Amazon and sellers get shafted all the time. Do they really expect an international package to arrived sooner than 7 days?

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