No top level category BSR on web browser, only sub category. Bizarre inventory interactions – Amazon sellers’ resources


Hi, First time using Reddit. I am trying to get accurate sales estimates. This is an example of the issue: B00HFQQO0M.

Questions: – There is no top level category BSR, only sub. On my phone Amazon application it pegs it at ~10k-11k. This is the same BSR that camelcamelcamel and keepa purport. How accurate is the phone app BSR and why is this not listed on the browser Amazon page?

  • Inventory is >999 for all sizes, but each size is has a "Only (X) left in stock (more on the way)." What is going on here? Does this play into what is affecting questions 1?

  • Manual daily tracking of how many move from the "Only (X) left in stock (more on the way)." suggests each size sells ~1 a day. My BSR sales correlation tools suggest ~40 sell a day(aggregate of all sizes). What is your experience with this situation? What do you think is ballpark accurate?

Thanks, and please let me know if there is a better way I could have posted this within the Reddit system. Trying to learn.

More Amazon selling tips at the Wix site


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