My original documentary film removed over “Authenticity.” – Amazon sellers’ resources

I am the producer, writer, and appear in an independent documentary film. I own all the rights. I've been selling it as a DVD via Amazon FBA since 2009. My seller account was in great shape. Yesterday Seller Performance removed the film over authenticity violations. They asked for all my supplier receipts and information. I AM the "supplier." I am the distributor. I sent them my invoices from the professional DVD manufacturer that I use to have them pressed and packaged. They ruled against me. This is beyond crazy. They want me to prove a negative. All they have to do is look up the film's producer and distributor and they will find me and my little production company. They say there is no more appeal process – decision is final. I'm perplexed. Is there any more I can do? If not how can I get the remaining 678 copies they have in FBA warehouses returned to me?

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Question about 2 account rule per household – Amazon sellers’ resources

My dad runs a pretty sizable Amazon store. Me, not knowing the rules, decided to open up an amazon seller account to see what I could sell. The issue is: we have the same address. I was only told this after and I'm in a bit of a panic. I immediately closed my seller account, even though I was charged the $39.99. I closed the account about 2 hours after opening it. After searching online a bit, I am now very scared that my dads account will be suspended or closed completely. Any advice on how to proceed?

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Does the Individual Seller account even work? Will I ever sell anything? – Amazon sellers’ resources

Im selling a new product, (new UPC) so no one sells exactly the item I'm selling.

I am an individual seller so I cannot put up ads.

I don't have a buy box either… My product page says: "see all buying options" and I'm the only seller.

Is my only option to upgrade for a Pro Account so that I can set up ads and my product gain some traction? What can I do to give my product some visibility?

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