Amazon lowering Whole Foods prices on Monday. list here – Amazon sellers’ resources

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Ideas on how to liquidate Inventory Fast… – Amazon sellers’ resources

So I have a store on Amazon and eBay where I sell electronics. I was doing this while I got into a residency program. I recently was offered a position outside of the normal cycle because someone dropped out.

I was not expecting it, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so there's no doubt I'll take it… the thing is since I was not expecting this at all I had already bought a ton of inventory for resale. I want to see what I can do to get this out the door AFAP. Any ideas?

If anyone is interested in buying cell phones and tablets in full working condition (99% used) and inventory for parts or repair please let me know.

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No Credit card registration ( 7 day free trial ) new Tariff !!! Asinkey – Amazon sellers’ resources

What our new tariffs involve:

50 keywords 100 sales tracking (beta version) Unlimited Products Best Sales Rank Filter Auto-update of Pricing & Sales Rank Simple CSV importer Product/Keyword Rank Graph Review Rating Graphs Live Chat 24/7

P.S. We hope you will like this new plan! New functionalities will be coming soon! 🙂

More Amazon selling tips at the Wix site