When a customer clicks on one of my ads and ends up purchasing one of my other products from the same ad campaign, does that count as a sale in advertising reports? – Amazon sellers’ resources

I am running an ad campaign with a single ad group that contains a large number of products. When a customer clicks on one of those products but they ultimately end up buying a different one from the same group, does that count as a sale in the advertising report? Like, does it get factored into my ACoS?

My products are very similar – just different colors and patterns. A customer might click on an ad for one of them, end up browsing through 50 of our styles, and then buying a different style than the one they originally clicked on in the ad. I would consider that an ad conversion, but I'm not so sure the ad report does. The ACoS for our primary keyword seems incredibly high.

WIll be grateful for any insight that others can offer.

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Amazon unjustly suspended my seller account and not accepting my appeal – Amazon sellers’ resources


I absolutely have no idea what to do with Amazon right now. I am FBA seller on Amazon.com and recently Amazon suspended my seller account. Let me tell you the story:

I have a medical product that I paid thousands of dollars to manufacture and ship to Amazon warehouse. I have about 4500 pieces in my inventory. I was selling about 40 pieces per day until some competitors started posting negative reviews and reported my product as an adult product even though it should not be flagged as an adult product. As a result, no one could find my product through search keywords, only through direct link. I contacted Amazon several times and explained this is wrong and my product is not an adult product, so they reversed it and remove the adult flag. After few days it happened again and I contacted Amazon to remove it. This started repeating over and over again until one day Amazon refused to remove the adult flag. I tried my best to explain it to Amazon and gave them a declaration from the manufacturer that my product is not an adult product, but they still refused to remove the adult flag, even though this declaration. After few days they simply suspended my seller account and now I can't sell anything on Amazon. I tried to appeal the decision, but they don't accept my appeal and keep claiming that my product should be flagged as an adult product and cannot be sold on Amazon without being pre-approved by them. They want me to send them a plan, but don't explain me what they mean by this plan. I already gave up and told them that I will sell it as an adult product, just to get my account reinstated, but they don't accept the appeal and not explaining clearly what they expect me to do. All their answers are copy-pastes and not related to my issue at all. I am pretty sure that a comeptitor who has a friend who work on Amazon is related to all this and is the one that caused this to happen to me. I did absolutely nothing wrong and they absolutely destroyed my business right now. Amazon don't care that I paid a lot of money for all my merchandise, they are absolutely rude to me and not willing to take care of the issue. I was selling the product for 4 months until this happened. I can still see that my competitors are selling their product without any issues and they are not flagged as adult product and this is absolutely unfair. Amazon disappointed me big time and caused me a huge loss in money. I must find a solution this issue, therefore I am seeking here for people who may know how to help. Please help me resolve this. I can give you further details privately.

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Seeking to nurture a deep friendship with a successful amazon seller I can call my mentor. – Amazon sellers’ resources

Salutations,I am willing to start an online amazon business and am looking to nurture a deep friendship with a successful amazon seller I can trust and call my mentor.I am very determined to build this business from scratch despite some current unfavorable conditions, as well as surrounding myself with like-minded positive people.Please private-message me if interested,thanks in advance for your time! 🙂

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