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I have been working on a project of my self to help me analyze what product to sell on Amazon. This project scraped all items in a category and stores it in my database, it supports tracking changes and scraped the following values:

  • ASIN
  • Title
  • Seller
  • Description
  • Feature list
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Shipping weight
  • Review count with history
  • Stars with history
  • Price with history (The prices is including the discounts)
  • The nodes the item is under
  • Top level categories
  • Best Sellers rankings for all displayed categories with history
  • Links to where the item can be found on amazon
  • Image Links

The data can be used anything, but what i used it for was to find products that is within best seller top 5000 of a category, with a cost around 25-50 USD and below 51 reviews.

I wanted to ask here if any of you guys would be interested in this data, and if so what you would be willing to pay for it.

I am toying with the idea of setting up a website with an interface to do searches behind a pay wall, or simply to work on request and data dump.

An example of the out come, this is a dump from: Sports & Outdoors › Sports & Fitness › Exercise & Fitness › Strength Training Equipment › Home Gyms

Example Dump:

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Amazon Reinstatement in 48 hrs – Amazon sellers’ resources

YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services

Are you suspended on Amazon and need assistance getting your account reinstated?  We can help!  We offer affordable appeal packages that can get your selling account reinstated fast,  guaranteed or your money back!!!  Call today for your free account evaluation!

With contacts within Amazon Seller Performance we are able to access your account annotations, and identify exactly what Amazon Seller Performance needs to see within your plan of action to get your account reinstated fast.   

Infringement Claims

Inauthentic Claims

Product Safety Violation

Poor Selling Performance

Trademark violations

Account Verification Issues

We address any and all Amazon suspensions and 

Office: (317) 728-6789




Verified reviews at :  

Ian Tavish

YoungLanes Amazon Appeals 

Accounts Manager

Office: (574) 292-7099

Business Office: (317) 728-6789

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Adult Flagged Items = Death Sentence – Amazon sellers’ resources

What are you supposed to do when one of your items is flagged as an adult item? Seller support keeps giving me the run around, they tell me it's still searchable but only if the user clicks on the category first. (my sales have plummeted, from 30 units a day to ZERO).

what really pisses me off is that there are literally hundreds of other products on amazon that are way worse than mine, my product is barely considered adult but they wont remove the flag. You have other people straight up selling dildos and sex slings and they don't have the adult flag. All seller central tells me is "oh please report them then, here's the link".

TLDR: You will eventually be completely screwed if your product contains any slight adult references.

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Offer for all Amazon sellers and Amazon SEO experts – Amazon sellers’ resources

  1. We are interested in those who will tell us about their problems on Amazon Selles and would like to find solutions through our Development Team.
  2. We are ready to provide you with Login and Password credentials for using the Keyword Tool for further cooperation (we would like to hear your opinion).
  3. We want to provide you with the best keywords in order to improve your Amazon sales.
  4. We are aimed to increase your sales on Amazon.
  5. We are also in need of a Sales Manager for our product development.

Our website:

We would be glad to see your feedback in the comments! 🙂 Thank you Asinkey, Inc

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Amazon Suspended? What are my best reinstatement options? – Amazon sellers’ resources

Just wanted to strike general conversation with Amazon sellers who have experienced a suspension to discuss how you achieved reinstatement. Also would like to discuss alternative reinstatement methods such as paying a reinstatement service for help getting reinstated. In this thread nothing is considered spam if it is of your own experiences in dealing with Amazon. Let's not be petty and get off topic. Amazon sellers only please.

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Amazon Suspended? Here’s the real solution! – Amazon sellers’ resources

If you are reading this, you are probably suspended on Amazon and are seeking a true solution to your account suspension.

The first thing that must be understood is that there are no magic buttons that can be pressed to reinstate your accounts.

Secondly, reinstatements can be complicated and confusing as that it is extremely hard to determine what Amazon is identifying as a problem with your account while also drafting an appeals that proactively, and retroactively addresses all issues relating to negative buying experience for customers.

That being said, if your account is suspensed, your best option is to select an appeal service that can use experience and knowledge to successfully reinstate your account. Why an appeal service one might ask? Well if your car breaks down, the majority of us would take it directly to a mechanic, a professional versed in identifying mechanical issues ana fixing them. So similarly, if your Amazon account is suspended, why would you not trust a professional to address the matter, and correct it as well.

There are a number of appeal services to choose from. Now here's the hard part. Making the right decision in choosing the service right for you. Most of us would love to consider assurances, and cost. Who can provide the most cost effective service, whilst also giving you the best chance at reinstatement?

After extensively reviewing companies that provide such a service I've made the following conclusion :

Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services will provide you the best overall chance at reinstatement, while also providing you a full money back guarantee if you are not reinstated within fourteen (14)business days. With appeal packages ranging from $250 – $425, you will find yourself not having to spend thousands of dollars to more expensive services that do not provide any guarantees what so ever.

They are a US based service with 24/7 customer service with live representatives. They also have verifiable reviews by customers on there Facebook business page.

If you need help getting reinstated on Amazon, please contact:


Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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